Business continuity

Legislation and Regulation

Q&A – get going and create your business continuity plan

In partnership with the UK Domain, we bring you a Q&A to help you get started on your business continuity plan

Financial Management

Crisis survival guide and how to insulate your business

Crisis survival guide and how to better insulate your business from any disruptive fallout. Sven Lung of Green Park Content explains

Human Resources

Systems check – steering your business through the covid-19 crisis

Roger Bennett of Cloudstratex explains why this is a good time to re-evaluate your approach and review your business processes

Cyber Security

The true cost of cyber incident: Business interruption

Prevention may be better than cure, but in cyberspace a cure is often needed. Legal experts Andrew Parsons and Joel Durston from law from Bond Dickinson explain the need for cyber incident response plans to recover business interruption losses.


How to avoid the 5 most common IT business continuity mistakes

Are you prepared for any eventuality? Disaster recovery and business continuity planning go hand in hand, but there's a lot more to it than backing up files. Pro Drive IT's Bruce Penson explains.


Get your business back on track after disaster strikes

Businesses affected by Storm Katie need to prioritise and be pragmatic to minimise the financial impact of bad weather.


Why SMEs need to think about continuity planning

Anand Ramdeo, director and co-founder of digital estate planning firm Planned Departure, discusses the need for succession planning.


Confront a business disaster

When an Icelandic volcano erupted in April to release a plume of ash and debris, few UK bosses could have thought the event would affect them. But it did. GrowthBusiness reports on how to plan for the unexpected.


Why do so many CEOs lack a business continuity plan?

Given the UK's history of fires, floods and pestilence, it's curious to learn that so many CEOs lack a business continuity plan when calamity calls. Marc Barber reports.


Planning for disaster

Industrial accidents, acts of terrorism and natural disasters are never out of the headlines, so it's more important than ever to have contingency plans in place. Oliver Haill talks to companies who learned important lessons when disaster struck.


Dealing with disaster

It’s understandable that the day-to-day concerns for an owner-manager will be to keep customers happy, while also seeking opportunities to grow the business. Quite often, a disaster recovery plan will be at the lower end of a ‘to do’ list.