What parents of teenage tech entrepreneurs should know about the law

Here, two lawyers specialising in intellectual property explain what the legal implications of setting up a company at the pre-18 stage are.


How can businesses diversify the boardroom?

Here, Geeta Sidhu-Robb, founder and CEO of Nosh Detox analyses what could be done to achieve a more diverse boardroom in the UK.

Human Resources

Boardroom quotas: Four female entrepreneurs give their opinion

Gender diversity is a hot topic in today's HR scene, but what do female entrepreneurs feel about quotas for women on boards? Read on to find out.

Growth Planning

Unconscious bias is a boardroom issue, and data has the power to challenge it

Once we have acknowledged unconscious bias, then we can start to make a case for how diversity and inclusion are good for business, says SAP's global lead for culture and identity, Miguel Castro. Here's how a data-driven approach can help.

Growth Planning

How having a junior board can kickstart your diversity initiatives

Jacob Bailey Group's Shaun Bailey believes a diverse junior board can help businesses achieve its wider goals, from idea creation to knowledge sharing.


The number one reason why UK boards are 20 years behind

New research reveals an over reliance on email for scheduling meetings and hand-written minutes.

Human Resources

6 steps for boards to get to grips with corporate culture

Company culture is key to business success. Culture should be assessed, measured, engaged with and embedded into the business – even in the boardroom, writes Venetia Howes, past master of the Worshipful Company of Marketors.


Study reveals female board members improve share price

Having female managers on the board improves a company’s share price, according to new research from Skema business school. So what's the hold up?|Having female managers on the board improves a company’s share price, according to new research from Skema business school. So what's the hold up?

Company Flotations

Shaking up your board of directors

Flotation means you will have new investors to satisfy, public forecasts to meet and relationships with advisers, regulators and the press to manage - changes that may well force you to look at your management team and directors.


Move towards more female board members

Women have made up 44 per cent of newly appointed FTSE 100 board directors, and 40 per cent of those in the FTSE 250, since March 2012.

Human Resources

Board review – The importance of having an effective board team

Mike Robson, director at Azure Partners, looks at the considerations that need to taken into account when assessing the skill sets of a business' board.


Effective board attributes

For any board to be effective there are some prerequisites that its members need.