Big Data


The future of the workforce and the promise of data analytics

Big data analytics is expected to be worth $274bn within two years as companies realise its growth business potential. But how can you harness the power of data analytics for your business?


Audoo raising £1.2m for revolutionary music smart meter

Audoo has already raised £600,000 for music smart meter that enables collection agencies to accurately calculate royalties for songwriters and musicians

Venture Capital Funding

Crane VC fund for data-driven European startups raises $90m

New London-based fund aimed at startups harnessing data to provides solutions for business


Entrepreneur interview: Vishal Marria, founder & CEO of Quantexa

Vishal Marria, the founder & CEO of Quantexa talks about using AI and analytics to assess risk of fraud, bribery and corruption.


Entrepreneur interview: Bastian Nominacher, co-founder of Celonis

The process mining chief talks big data, IT systems and raising investment.


Entrepreneur interview: Peter Clark, co-founder of Qlearsite

In an exclusive interview for Growthbusiness, Qlearsite co-founder Peter Clark explains how companies can better understand what would help their employees be more motivated and engaged in the workplace.


5 essential pillars of big data GDPR compliance

Around 50 per cent of affected organisations worldwide will be unprepared for the GDPR regulations, coming into effect a year from now. Dataiku's Florian Douetteau outlines five of the most important pillars when planning ahead for GDPR compliance.


How big can data get?

Data is going to become increasingly important and increasingly significant for businesses striving to better connect with customers.


£2.4m crowdfunding campaign launches to bring data analytics to farmers

Big data analytics is the only way the global agriculture sector can boost its output to feed the world's exploding population in the coming decades - which is exactly what a new crowdfunding campaign is banking on.


How to make the most of big data in the mid-market

Big data isn't just for big corporations: here's how you can make the most of it in mid-market companies

PR and Marketing Strategy

Harnessing big data to market to Millennials

Paul Black, CEO of sales-i, discusses how embracing Big Data can help you reach out to, and engage with, millennials.

Human Resources

Capturing the talent that can monetise big data

By now everyone understands that big data can transform your business but precious few know how to do it: so how can you make sure those invaluable individuals are on your side?