Bankers fight back

There’s been a general rush to pin blame on the banks for the current dearth of business finance. Here, we give bankers a chance to put their side of the story and ask them what they’re looking for from their business borrowers.


Maximising business banking

A little relationship building can go a long way when it comes to you and your chosen bank.


Banks can do better, says FPB

The quality of service provided to businesses by banks is rising, claims Nick Goulding, chief executive of the Forum of Private Business (FPB), but there is still scope for improvement.


Business Banking Bonanza

Business banking is a fiercely competitive market these days, with financial institutions fighting it out for a share of the sector. As a result, high street banks now offer added-value services that were once the sole preserve of blue-chip clients to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Financial Management

Q&A: Opening a US dollar bank account

I was wondering how I would go about opening up a bank account in American dollars that would let me write US dollar cheques and deposit cheques in that currency? We have a UK operating address but a lot of American customers.


Islamic Bank oversubscribed

The £40 million offer for shares in the Islamic Bank of Britain has been heavily oversubscribed.