B2B tech

Venture Capital Funding

Conviction VC to invest in six B2B SaaS start-ups in 2023  

London-based VC eyes investing up to £2m in B2B SaaS start-ups at seed stage


Oxx to invest in up to four B2B SaaS companies in 2023

London-based VC will invest between £5m-£20m in B2B SaaS companies at Series A stage


Hambro Perks launches £100m fund for B2B SaaS companies

The £100m Hambro Perks Growth Debt Fund will focus on B2B SaaS and patented hardware start-ups


Triple Point Ventures to deploy £15m into B2B tech start-ups in 2023

Around ten new investments and five follow-on investments will be made into B2B tech start-ups next year from the London-based VC.