Human Resources

Growing your business through apprenticeships

Jason Holt CBE, apprenticeships ambassador and entrepreneur looks at how SMEs are hiring apprentices to boost growth


Government launches new apprenticeship programme alongside Google and Sky

A campaign called Get in. Go Far has been kicked off by David Cameron's coalition to boost apprenticeships in Britain.


The Budget 2014: Bolstering of Apprenticeship Grants for Employers scheme could benefit 100,000 businesses

The government has continued with its commitment to apprenticeships by providing extra funding for employers.


More changes to apprenticeships announced on back of Doug Richard report

Direct funding for employers wanting to buy apprenticeship training is being tabled by the government as part of Doug Richard's report on the employment process.


Employers to be given more control over apprenticeships following Doug Richard review

Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg has urged employers to design bespoke apprenticeship standards and qualifications as part of the latest government drive.


Doug Richard issues call to government to create true apprenticeships

Entrepreneur Doug Richard has published his report on apprenticeships and says that the UK needs to re-evaluate what it means to be an apprentice.


Government to call on entrepreneur Doug Richard to look at apprenticeships programme

The Department for Business Innovation & Skills has published its report on the government's apprenticeships programme, and the government will now ask entrepreneur Doug Richard to look into the issue.


Coalition government hits half-million apprenticeships milestone as it focuses on quality

The number of employers taking on apprentices has risen by 10 per cent during the 2011/12 academic year, the Department for Business Innovation & Skills says.

Growth Planning

How to make an apprentice scheme a success

A successful apprentice scheme can be a long-term investment for companies of all sizes. GrowthBusiness finds out how to make it work.