Growth Planning

Brexit: What do fast-growing businesses think?

Three managing directors of AI, retail and manufacturing firms tell GrowthBusiness if they think Brexit will be good or bad for business.


Therapy Box and Junior Einsteins win Virgin Voom event

Winners plan to enter Middle-east market.


Adapting to the AI opportunity

Changes will need to be made all the way through a business when it comes to AI.

Human Resources

Workers call for tech training from employers

With call centres and shelf stacking set to be a thing of the past, people are keen to learn tech skills.


Entrepreneur interview: Peter Clark, co-founder of Qlearsite

In an exclusive interview for Growthbusiness, Qlearsite co-founder Peter Clark explains how companies can better understand what would help their employees be more motivated and engaged in the workplace.


81 per cent of IT directors looking for AI help

Many UK businesses want to integrate AI apps quickly, research reveals.

Venture Capital Funding

Machine learning firm Geospatial Insight raises £3.5 million investment

Geospatial Insight aims to map various countries via satellite and drone.

Venture Capital Funding

Software firm Codeplay generates over £2 million from tech fund

Codeplay plans to use the money to help fund safer self driving cars and other AI tech.