How social media can build your brand

7 ways to build your brand through social media.

Social media might be quite a misleading name when it comes to marketing related concepts. This is because it has grown to be representative of a philosophy of brand/consumer partnership and consumer empowerment. This goes far beyond content that is user-generated. Because of this, social media can have different connotations and meanings to different people. And many of these people use social media to accomplish objectives that are entirely disparate.

Let’s take a closer look at how social media can assist your company when it comes to building its brand.

Social media management firms

In today’s world of online business, having a social media presence that is strong can be even more important than your company website. With firms like Social Vantage, you won’t ever have to worry about growing or updating your social media accounts. This company makes a business out of managing the social media channels of your business in order to increase customer engagement, increase your social presence, and implement lead generation campaigns that are effective.

Social media events

One good way to increase your brand engagement is to hold events on social media. This can help you when it comes to building a loyal community on the various social networks. One fun and effective event that you can hold online is a “Fan Page Friday.” This is, in essence, a virtual party for networking where you can allow each of your fans to share your links to their own pages right on your page. Events like this can last as much as 24 hours or longer and can be a fantastic way to get more fans, build your community, and discover new businesses, all while increasing your visibility.

Entry points

Another way to use social media to grow your brand is to establish entry points. An important part of trying to grow your brand by using social media is to always be publishing content that is meaningful and will add value to the experience of the reader. The goal here is to publish information that is both useful and will cause people to talk about it. They will then want to share it with their own audiences and this just makes more ways for people to find you and can then lead to higher search engine rankings.

Add hashtags

If you want to make sure that your posts are easily recognisable to your followers and fans, consider using hashtags that relate to your product or brand. For example, Samsung uses hashtags such as #SamsungTips when they share things like helpful content or about their products. You need to make hashtags that will make sense in relation to your brand and then expand on them when it is appropriate to do so.

Build a branded community

Back in the beginning of 2015, Facebook started putting a smaller number of promotional posts in people’s new feeds. There is a solution to this, though, and that is to build your own community on your own site. You need to create an alternative on-site community for your business that followers won’t have access to anywhere else. This is a fabulous way to offer incentives in order to engage your followers while also controlling what they can see.

Utilise Facebook covers for events

Do you realise that your cover photo on Facebook just so happens to be a prime piece of real estate? This is something that you can leave as it is if you want consistency, or you can change it up with regularity in order to showcase changes in the seasons, promotions, or special events. Yes, Facebook does have guidelines to follow when it comes to cover photos, but it is still easy to create spectacular cover photos that remain within their guidelines.

YouTube it

You may have identified video as a critical part of your social media strategy. If this is the case, you need to ensure that you keep your presence active. To do this, you need to regularly add new videos. Most of the top brands will add an average of about 8 videos to YouTube every 2 weeks. The average length of these videos is around 3 minutes. The best thing is to determine a strategy and a length that will be in line with your brand.

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