Why UK insurance firms could benefit from using promotional products

While it’s true that insurance firms hold a lot of power over other businesses and individuals, it’s not always so easy to bring in new leads. Here's what could work.

The insurance sector is one that often faces a lot of challenges and hurdles to jump over, especially when it comes to winning customers’ trust. Insurers are often in a position where they have to prove their worth and win business based on confidence in their brand. While it’s true that insurance firms hold a lot of power over other businesses and individuals, it’s not always so easy to bring in new leads. In an industry where the state of the economy and upsets like Brexit occur, insurance firms can often suffer.

Insurance firms find themselves confronted with many different challenges along the way, and it’s often a difficult industry to predict correctly. With the need for solutions to help them run smoothly and successfully, Outstanding Branding offers some advice.

Standing out from the crowd

The insurance market can be incredibly competitive, with many companies all having the same aim. This can make it twice as hard to appeal to new business and stand out from your rivals. With this in mind, it’s important that insurance firms are exploring different avenues to create new leads and advertise their name.

Promotional products can play a part in helping your insurance firm to stand out from the crowd. From networking to attending events and even meeting potential clients, using promotional products can be a clever way to remain memorable. Used as a corporate gift or just a simple free giveaway to those you meet, you are putting your brand name directly in the hands of someone who may be interested. Making sure you leave a lasting impression, you have the chance to advertise yourself in a unique way. Choosing relevant and useful products to give away can mean potential customers have your contact details, should they want to get involved.

It has been proven that promotional products encourage the recipient to take action more than other forms of advertising; it shows an understanding of your customer base.

Winning clients’ trust

Trust issues can be a huge factor when it comes to insurance firms and their customers. As a business in the insurance sector, you have a direct connection to your customers’ money. This can naturally become a concern for clients, as they want to ensure they are making the right decision in doing business with you. Finding the right insurance firm is an important part of business, and you’ll want to make sure you appeal to your clients in the right way.

Through marketing strategies that incorporate promotional products, you can prove that you understand your audience and know exactly what would be of use to them. Choosing relevant promotional products can say a lot about your insurance firm, winning trust and loyalty in the process. By advertising this way, you are able to reach out to your customers on a more personal level.

Bringing in new leads

Of course, for any business it’s important that you are winning new leads and bringing in new business and insurance firms are no exception. Advertising your insurance firm through promotional products can be a successful way to attract new clients, as it demonstrates measures that you didn’t necessarily have to go to. Sending out promotional gifts to potential leads can ensure people sit up and take note more than they would normally.

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