InnovaDerma acquires two Australian beauty and skincare brands to fuel growth

InnovaDerma's acquisition strategy involves buying brands that are ready to market and complementary to the group's existing portfolio, which makes the purchase of Stevie K and Charles + Lee ideal.

InnovaDerma, a UK developer of ‘at-home’ and clinically proven treatments for hair loss, hair care, self-tanning and skin rejuvenation, acquired the intellectual property and assets of two Australian beauty brands, Stevie K and Charles + Lee for AUS$50,000.

InnovaDerma’s acquisition strategy involves buying brands that are ready to market and complementary to the group’s existing portfolio. According to InnovaDerma’s shareholder proposition, the cosmetics line Stevie K, and men’s skincare brand, Charles + Lee, are highly differentiated and innovative, and offer InnovaDerma an entry into the alternative premium end of the make-up and men’s skincare market.

There is existing and growing demand for high quality make-up and men’s skincare which is ethical, natural and alternative. Charles + Lee’s market position in Australia as a cruelty free and ethically sourced skincare line, certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil Association, which makes the brand ideal for InnovaDerma’s marketing strategy.

Both brands are well-suited for social media and have already developed a strong following which is key to driving brand loyalty and revenue, a key point for InnovaDerma. Additionally, the UK brand has aggressive plans to grow its presence in Australia, UK and the US. The board doesn’t expect significant integration costs from the acquisition, either.

As part of the deal, and in line with InnovaDerma’s acquisition model, Kate Fissenden, the founder of Stevie K and Charles + Lee brands, will be appointed as a general manager in the group, responsible for the growth and development of both brands. Fissenden has more than 10 years’ experience with some of Australia’s leading beauty brands. She also has expertise in product development and brand management. To support the success of the brands, the minimum term of Kate’s employment contract with the Group is three years.

Praseeda Nair

Praseeda Nair

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