How document storage services can help you get organised

Document storage might be your best ally when spring cleaning|Document storage might be your best ally when spring cleaning

Document storage might be your best ally when spring cleaning

After the cold winter months, spring time has officially begun and many of us will take the opportunity to give our homes a good spring clean and get organised, but what about our place of work?

Office sort outs are usually abandoned, due to busy time schedules and tight deadlines, when in fact they could be key to helping you become more efficient.

Document storage services can assist businesses in the search for efficiency, here’s how:-

Fast retrieval – staff are able to retrieve records quickly using a 2 hour scan on demand service, instead of wasting time searching through paper archives to locate key information.

Free up office space – office paperwork is usually made up of documents that need retaining for certain time periods, such as HR leaver files, contracts and employee training records. Document storage services will free up vital office space to be utilised for other key business activity.

Back up information – the latest security and fire detection systems, ensures paperwork is protected from theft, fire and flood damage.

What is the process?

  • Records collected and transported using tracked vehicles and security cleared drivers.

  • Barcode technology enables boxes to be tracked during transportation and throughout the facility.

  • Information is protected, using enhanced security and fire detection systems.

  • Records returned within 2 hours, using scan on demand services.

  • For expired documents, agreed destruction dates are put into place. Destruction  will only take place once the correct approval has been given.

Staying organised

Whether it be a spring clean or diverting documents on a regular basis, document storage services can help to fully manage and organise your paperwork. Less time is wasted, with more time to be spent on hitting targets and completing core business tasks. To estimate how many documents you have, visit

Praseeda Nair

Praseeda Nair

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