Grey skies and gloomy faces: 5 ways to boost productivity in the workplace

Banana Moon Clothing's Alex Grace shares some of his top tips on how to boost productivity in the workplace as the weather gets greyer.

With the dark weather settling in and the work days seeming longer, it can be difficult for managers to maintain productivity levels amongst their employees.

To help those currently battling the office descent into Christmas, Alex Grace, Managing Director at Banana Moon Clothing, the personalised online clothing retailer, shares  some of his top tips on how to boost productivity in the workplace.

Encourage positive thinking

When employees are happy about their jobs, they are more likely to be productive. Encourage positive thinking in the workplace by shouting about great work from individuals or from around the company, and become a motivational figure for your employees.

As a director of a company it’s vital to lead through example – demonstrate your strong work ethic and ambition, in order to set the tone for the business and make your employees feel like they’re on the same journey.

Take regular breaks

Staring too long at a computer or being in the same position for a considerable amount of time can lead to fatigue and procrastination. Encouraging employees to take regular breaks will give their minds a refresh, and could help them get inspiration for their work from other settings around the office.

For optimum concentration, consider using the app ‘Good Time’. It is a productivity app which follows the Pomodoro technique, stating that optimum concentration lasts for 25 minutes before you need a five minute break. The app has a big timer and reminds you to regularly take a five minute time out.

Give feedback

Always give constructive feedback to your employees to allow enable them to develop their skills and note any mistakes that they are making. This should help them work more effectively in the future. If an employee is going above and beyond their role, be sure to acknowledge their efforts and reward them where possible.

Regular face to face contact

Maintain regular face to face contact with your employees to help establish greater relationships and try to be open and honest about the business where possible. If you treat employees with respect, you will also earn that respect back. If employees want to learn and move forward, always be open to suggestions.

Mix different experience

Mix different abilities and people with varying levels of experience together so that they are able to learn from each other and look at things from an alternative perspective. However, don’t forget to have fun. Businesses should aspire for quality, but don’t forget that being at work should also be fun and inspirational.

Praseeda Nair

Praseeda Nair

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