Funding and financing for recruitment agencies

Whether you’re looking to secure startup funding or take an existing business to the next level, quality recruitment finance solutions can cover all your requirements.

When it comes to initial funding, new recruitment company start-ups have a variety of options to explore. In fact, there’s a growing number of agencies in business which specialise exclusively in funding new recruitment agencies. Whether you’re looking to secure startup funding or take an existing business to the next level, quality recruitment finance solutions can cover all your requirements.

The very best agencies on the market make it as simple and streamlined as possible to access dynamic, flexible and accessible funding for recruitment agencies, ensuring red tape doesn’t stand in the way of bringing your business dreams to life.

Far from a new concept, this kind of specialist funding has actually been around for decades. Nevertheless, recent years have brought about an extreme boom on both sides of the equation – more startups than ever before, more funding options to explore.

Invoice finance

The way you and your business handle invoicing can have a strong impact on the financial viability of your agency as a whole. During those critical early days in particular therefore, it pays to secure bespoke and fully comprehensive invoice finance from a specialist funding agency. Rather than waiting for recruitment invoices to be settled by the client, the financer can release the cash tied up in every recruitment invoice the moment it is issued.

As soon as you raise any recruitment service invoice, the agency you partner with can release as much as 100 per cent of its value. With no delays to worry about, you’ll be instantly provided with the value of the invoice (minus the agreed fee) and avoid waiting the usual 30 to 60-day period before payment.

Each invoice for recruitment services will then be collected by the financer directly, meaning zero delays and no effort wasted on time-consuming administrative duties.

Improved cash flow, flexibility, no chasing debtors, no late payments, no long-term contracts and complete scalability are just a few of the benefits specialist recruitment invoicing services provide for new business startups.

Payroll finance

Failure to meet your payroll obligations can result in unhappy clients, contractors and temps alike. Where gaps exist between incoming revenues and payroll commitments, the viability of your business model can be thrown into question.

Rather than allowing temporary or on-going gaps to tarnish your reputation and performance, recruitment agency payroll funding solutions help eliminate all cashflow issues from the equation. With intelligent recruitment payroll funding, late payments from clients need not mean payroll delays or complications.

Payroll funding ensures that everyone you work with remains satisfied and confident in your ability to meet your obligations.

The strongest start

Flexible and scalable recruitment payroll funding solutions mean seamless performance and total peace of mind for your business. Even if you plan to fly solo a little further down the line, it still pays to have the experts in your corner while getting your business off the ground.

Along with an invaluable financial safety net, the support and consultancy you’ll gain access to can be worth its weight in gold.

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