Ekran System: Monitoring employee activity

Are you looking for ways to monitor your employees effectively? Learn more about Ekran System in today's quick guide.

What is Ekran Systems?

Ekran System is an insider threat protection software that helps companies monitor employee activity, regulation compliance, and provides third-party service provider control.

Ekran System has a user based detection solution that gives you true visibility of what occurs within your company’s infrastructure. When in use, Ekran System helps you keep your company information and passwords safe from third-party hackers.

In this guide, we’ll inform you how this system works.

How does it monitor employee activity?

Since it can monitor activity through desktops and servers, Ekran System gives a comprehensive screen log for every user session and creates multi-layered multi data for keystrokes, connected devices, application names, visited URLs, and more.

Other features such as interconnected reports, advanced search options, incident investigations, and alerts on events. Besides regular investigation tools, Ekran System creates an incident response functionality, in-built access management, which includes device management, automated and manual user blocking, and more.

Benefits of Ekrans System

Here are some of the most common benefits of using Ekran System:

Minimising mistakes

Employee activity monitoring gives you time to check for errors and mistakes that occur throughout the workday. When your employee makes an error, you can bring it up during the performance review.

Ekran Systems gives managers the evidence needed to help employees capture their mistakes and highlight what aspects need to be improved. To create a strong relationship in the workplace, writing down the mistakes that your employee does so they can revisit and fix them later.

You don’t want to jump on their throat for bad performance either immediately. This gives employees more anxiety to complete a task and afraid to come to you for help. As a result, it causes problems between management and employees.

Protects policy

Some workers, will be dishonest and break the rules when management isn’t present. When using Ekran System, you can continue to manage them and create disciplinary action when people violate the company policy.


Monitoring employee activity allows you to capitalise on their strengths and acknowledge them. Ekran system gives you a complete system on how an employee is performing beyond the call of duty.

Also, Ekran System helps by removing trust issues employees might have when being monitored. Once your employee understands that the system isn’t used to just point out their flaws, they’ll feel more receptive to being monitored.


Thus, Ekran System is great for small to large enterprises. Not only does it give you the software to track your employees, but it protects the integrity and legality of your company. Through using this software, you’ll notice enhanced worker productivity, increased trust, and reduced issues.

It’s up to you to decide which software is best for monitoring employee activity. Start with Ekran System and start branching out to other forms of software until you find one that suits your company’s specific needs.

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