Top 10 Website Security Myths Revealed

Many companies fail to put in place the most fundamental protections to keep themselves safe.

When it comes to protecting your website and customers from attack, knowledge is your best weapon. But with ever-changing threats and ever-evolving defenses comes ever-growing potential for common misconception.

Unprotected sensitive data is the bread and butter of attackers, leading to identity theft, fraud and theft of financial resources from your customers. And the attackers aren’t fussy about what size of business you are either. Data breaches happen to large and small, public and private companies.

Hackers are increasingly targeting small to mid-sized businesses, simply because those networks tend to be less secure. In today’s online world, everyone is at risk. Whatever the scale and reach of your business online, failure to protect your customers’ data –by not encrypting the data or neglecting to protect the encryption keys – is like opening the bank vault and saying to the hackers: “Help yourself.”

To help you cut through the confusion, Thawte offers this free guide to help those new to online security as well as tech-savvy developers who make the most of SSL and Code Signing Certificates to provide assurance and protection for Web sites and code.