Preparing your company for exit

Selling a company, while hopefully an exciting time for any business owner, can be fraught with challenges.

Financial, legal and cultural considerations are just some of the reasons anyone’s head will start spinning very early on in the process.

From speaking to those who have been through the process, with varying degrees of success, any advice or just support will always be very welcome.

This guide combines detailed advice on every step of the process with salutary tales from those who have been involved in successful, and not so successful, sales.

Every stage of the sale process is covered in the following pages – from picking the right buyer to achieving the right exit. Everything in between, including keeping a tight rein on all information and making sure no stakeholders feel frozen out, is also in here.

The sale of a business is such a complex operation, with so many moving parts, that there are not enough pages in the world to cover all possible eventualities. Guides like this, drawing on expertise from both top advisors and veterans from the field, are invaluable as a roadmap – especially for inexperienced business owners.