How to choose the right ERP solution

A step-by-step guide to choosing an ERP solution for mid-sized and enterprise businesses.

Enterprise Resource Planning (abbreviated to ERP) solutions are now commonplace in the day-to-day business of industrial, commercial and service providing companies.

Also referred to as company software, business software, business management or commercial software, these solutions support and manage all the important business processes in communication, development, production and sales, and provide transparency in stock and the flow of goods.

Scenarios for use are as varied, individual and complex as the companies in which they are used. Given the sheer number of ERP solutions on the market, with their different applications, technology concepts and scope of features, it is a real challenge to find the right solution for each individual organisation.

The focus should be on initially determining the basic objectives for using an ERP system. What needs to be achieved? Process optimisation, improved efficiency and cost reduction are frequent answers to this question.