Demand for British-made cars boosts recovery

Government help and bigger export volumes are contributing to a bullish car industry.

Government help and bigger export volumes are contributing to a bullish car industry.

Back in 2012, the United Kingdom’s automotive industry had begun to lead the recovery of the country’s economy. 

Producing more cars to meet demand with healthier export volumes it led new jobs being created to meet demand. 

Major international investment, coupled with the heightened collaboration between the industry and government had allowed the industry to take advantage of the sheer level of engineering expertise in Britain. In addition to the flexibility of its workforce and illustrious motoring heritage.  

This unprecedented level of new investment gave the UK automotive industry an opportunity to rise from the ashes of the country’s broken economy with a flourish in the years ahead.  Accordingly, the call for British-made cars has soared in 2013 and this is largely due to an increased demand from customers living in the UK, as opposed to exports. 

This suggests that last year’s investment and increased governmental collaboration with car manufacturers is, at the very least, beginning to spark a revival in the economy.


This is apparent in the fact that 28,895 more cars were produced for the home market in July 2013 – an increase of 38 per cent on 2012. This suggests an increase in the buyer’s confidence in their own finances, as well as faith in British-made products. Which in turn are very strong signs of a recovering economy.   Car supermarkets like are prospering from the influx of British made cars into the market.

Total UK car production has increased by 7 per cent, despite the fact that uncertainty amongst experts in the Eurozone has slowed the number of exports to continental Europe, which constitutes the UK industry’s largest export market.  


In August, it was reported that manufacturers with factories in Britain have seen their most orders since 2011 and to keep up with this growth, companies have begun expand the size of their factories. Last month, Nissan filed an application to do just this at their Qashqai and Juke producing Sunderland factory, and Jaguar Land Rover is currently in the process of extending its engine plant in the West Midlands to double its former size.

As it stands, the manufacturing sector as whole is on course for further growth of 1.9 per cent in 2014.

Hunter Ruthven

Hunter Ruthven

Hunter was the Editor for from 2012 to 2014, before moving on to Caspian Media Ltd to be Editor of Real Business.