What does your coffee order say about your leadership skills?

A survey of 1,000 coffee drinkers reveals which type are organised and take charge, and which are laid back “people-pleasers". What's your poison?

Latte drinkers throw caution to the wind when it comes to time management, while those who order half-cap mocha-lattes (no foam, with a dash of nutmeg)—or similarly complicated drinks, are all about order and control.

This according to a study of 1,000 coffee drinkers conducted by clinical psychologist, Dr Ramani Durvasula. The associational study looked at different facets of personality and matched it against coffee preferences until a pattern emerged from the large data set.

In the UK, we drink approximately 55 million cups of coffee per day, and in many offices across the nation, the smell of freshly brewed coffee is a stable. But what does the dark stuff say about you as a leader? Dr. Durvasula surveyed 1,000 coffee drinkers and assessed psychological traits such as introversion, extraversion, patience, warmth, vigilance, sensitivity, and social boldness.

The study reveals interesting character traits, many of which we’ve outlined below.

Espresso enthusiasts tend to be goal-oriented and on the go. Their leadership style is just like they like their caffeine hit: time-efficient and intense.

Black coffee drinkers are straightforward, no-nonsense leaders, who prefer to keep things simple. However, they also tend to be resistant to new ideas and change.

Flat white fans are often down to earth, according to the study, especially if they prefer a no-frills container over dainty cups or novelty mugs.

Latte lovers are most likely eager to please others, and while they are approachable leaders, they strive for things to run smoothly as the peace-keepers of the bunch. On the other hand they didn’t always take care of themselves and could get over-extended.

Instant coffee drinkers are the most open to change and are the coolest under pressure, says the study. But they also tend to procrastinate work and skip out on planning.

Specialty drinks connoisseurs, whether it’s a half-caff, whipped cream no-foam latte or an iced hazelnut frappuccino, the study says you’re a bold and decisive leader. Cappuccino fans reportedly enjoy light-hearted fun, but can be obsessive. Mocha lovers is seen as a leader who wants the best of both worlds, and sees the good in the team.

Decaf drinkers tend to be perfectionists, and make healthy choices but also tend to be worriers, overly preoccupied with planning, order and control, according to the study.

Of course, your fate isn’t written in tea leaves or coffee beans. Like any associative studies, any of these finding cold be disproven by individuals. Who is to say that black coffee drinkers can’t be visionaries, or cappuccino lovers are sticklers for order and discipline.

But next time you’re at your favourite coffee haunt, thinking about ordering the usual, perhaps it’s time to try something new.

Praseeda Nair

Praseeda Nair

Praseeda was Editor for GrowthBusiness.co.uk from 2016 to 2018.

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