Michael founded Elderstreet Investments in 1990 and is its exec chairman. He was also chairman of Sage, the FTSE-100 accounting software group, until 2006. He is a specialist in raising finance and investing in the smaller companies sector.


Starting up in a recession

Recessions bring about change, and that’s the perfect environment for a new business.


Learn to switch off

Picture yourself in a situation where your bankers are becoming increasingly difficult or you are losing money and have to make job cuts among friends and colleagues to survive. It may not be that difficult to imagine.


Achieving steady sales growth

A few days ago I got involved with a manufacturing company that has been around for over 20 years and exports all over the world.


The burden of leadership

When I started my own company there were days when it just wasn't happening.


The 100 club and other incentives

Whether you’re an early-stage play or a large corporate, incentivising your staff will be vital for the success of your business.


Burn off the fat

Tough times are a great excuse to cut costs and take out under-performers.


Precision partnerships

As Sir Alan Sugar showed in The Apprentice, even the most dictatorial leaders need trusted aides by their side.


The joys of running a lifestyle business

Running a company to give you time to pursue a life of leisure may be no bad thing, writes Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson: The ones that got away

Why do we understand perfectly what makes a great investment when it's too late? There are some common mistakes in assessment and all of them can be illustrated by the big ones that got away from me, says Michael Jackson.