Karen Holden is the founder of A City Law Firm (ACLF) – an award-winning, go-to law firm for entrepreneurs, start-ups, high-net-worth individuals and larger corporate brands. ACLF also have one of the UK’s top family law departments who specialise in divorce, surrogacy and working with the LGBT community. Since launching in 2009, ACLF are now considered one of the most innovative and dynamic solicitors in the City of London, who think outside the box, whilst delivering at competitive costs. In addition to delivering first-class legal advice, Karen and her team go above and beyond for clients by supporting them across all area of their business.


The 9 biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make

Every entrepreneur has to start somewhere. Karen Holden outlines the ten biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when they first start up, using her own story for context.

Exit Strategies

How to choose the right exit strategy

Here, a variety of business experts investigate the pros and cons of selling up via MBO or a trade sale.

Legislation and Regulation

How to protect your intellectual property as a scale-up business

The rise in IP theft can potentially affect thousands of UK scale-ups. Karen Holden of A City Law Firm, discusses intellectual property, its value, and how businesses can protect themselves.

Legislation and Regulation

GDPR: Changing the ways businesses interact with their customers

GDPR is changing the way businesses interact with customers. Here, legal expert Karen Holden explains how the new law works, and how to avoid any potential fines.

Human Resources

How to handle sexual harassment in the workplace

Karen Holden explains why fear breeds silence when it comes to dealing with sexual harassment at the workplace.

Growth Planning

How to grow your business without losing clients

Karen Holden shares her experience in moving with the times while keeping existing customers happy.