Ian Dawson is a director at Seneca Corporate Finance.

Growth Planning

Everything you need to need to know about doing your business valuation

In this article, Seneca corporate finance director, Ian Dawson, examines the pivotal issue of business valuation

Mergers & Acquisitions

Build Back Better #5 – how to make a successful business acquisition

Ian Dawson of Seneca Partners explains how to make a successful business acquisition and the factors you need to consider

Exit Strategies

Build Back Better #4 – how do I go about selling a business?

In the fourth part of our Build Back Better series, Ian Dawson explains what considerations you have to make when selling a business

Growth Planning

Build Back Better #2 – replacing friends and family with external investors

A business often looks to bring in an external investor when friends and family shareholders want to cash out. But outside finance can bring so much more, says Ian Dawson


Build Back Better #1 – equity vs debt, which is better?

Which is better when you want to grow your business, equity or debt? Ian Dawson examines the case for either