Hywel was editor of Growth Business in 2015 and then moved on to be deputy editor at Works Management.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Acquiring businesses enjoy record performance in 2014

Share prices significantly higher than those of non-acquirers.

Human Resources

Top 5 recruitment mistakes and how to avoid them

How do you avoid hiring pitfalls when expanding your business? By Sam Rice from Applause IT Recruitment.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Top 15 M&A deals of 2014 announced

Comcast Corp’s acquisition of Time Warner, estimated to be worth around $42 billion, was the largest M&A deal of 2014 – according to a report by Thomson Reuters.


Panoramic Growth Equity sells stake in Cascade to Emerson

Leading equity investor claims strong return on investment


Prism Medical completes acquisition of TMEC


Watch: Get inspired to grow a business in 2015

A group of nearly 100 top economists has predicted 2015 will be a year of further growth for the UK, so how will you be taking advantage over the next 12 months?