Conrad Ford is the managing director of Funding Options, an award-winning team of business finance experts who specialise in helping businesses get the loans they need. Ford is a chartered management accountant who served in the group strategy department of a leading global bank, before joining their fast-growing technology subsidiary where he served as COO during a period in which it won multiple awards. Conrad has a Masters from Cambridge University.

Alternative Finance for Business

How to manage a seasonal business

Managing a seasonal business can be challenging. Funding Options CEO Conrad Ford outlines how to plan ahead for the busy period, prepare for the off-season, and manage your finances throughout.

Alternative Finance for Business

Breaking down invoice finance

Funding Options founder and CEO Conrad Ford strips away the jargon surrounding invoice finance, explaining when and why you may need these solutions when growing your business.

Alternative Finance for Business

Help! I got a tax bill

Funding Options CEO Conrad Ford outlines what to do if you receive a tax bill

Alternative Finance for Business

How to finance working capital

Working capital finance can help release money tied up in invoices and other assets to help keep your business on the growth path. Funding Options CEO Conrad Ford explains

Financial Management

What is invoice factoring?

Invoice factoring is a commonly used but often misunderstood type of business finance — what is factoring, and how does it work? Funding Options CEO Conrad Ford explains.