Chand Chudasama joined Price Bailey in 2013. His team’s engagements involve a mix of organic and acquisition led growth projects, in domestic and international markets. This requires being able to get under the skin of an organisation and really understand what drives performance and value. Consequently, engagements often extend to advising on organisational change and preparation for exit. Chand has seven years experience in strategy consulting and has experience of working in over 40 countries. His clients are generally corporates and disruptive businesses. Chand owns his own manufacturing and e-commerce business based in Norwich. He is a regular investor on crowdfunding platforms and is a Freeman at the Worshipful Company of World Traders in the City of London. He is a keen economist and avid football fan.

Growth Planning

It’s all in the maths: Why forecasts don’t come true

Use mathematics to improve the way you interrogate forecasts, writes Price Bailey's Chand Chudasama.