6 out-of-the-box event ideas to incentivise employees

Incentivising employees can be an uphill task, especially if it's the usual office parties, or sporting events. VIP Event Butler's Lucy Abrahams outlines six new and innovative events that can motivate your employees.

As a business owner you may have already decided that in 2017 you want to incentivise your staff with fun days out but are stuck for original, fun ideas that they will actually appreciate.

Many of the usual corporate hospitality events are centred on sport, and it is because of this that you could potentially alienate the people that you are trying to impress. Not everyone is a fan of horseracing, rugby or football. Why not try something that could impress a varying audience?

Here are six out of the box ideas for events that will truly treat your staff.

Theatre trips

Live performances in London’s West End are always increasing in popularity with some theatre shows being sold out months in advance. The classic shows are becoming more frequently visited and new productions are being staged continuously.

An exciting trip into the Nation’s Capital to enjoy one of these shows would impress almost anyone, especially if you combine a trip to the theatre with a pre-show dinner or lunch before a matinee. Dinners and lunches can be booked, as part of a VIP package, at some of London’s most iconic restaurants.

Along with a fine dining experience, a theatre hospitality package will include some of the best seats in the house, ensuring that everyone feels well and truly spoilt by this fantastic experience.


Should you be looking to make a positive impact on an individual as opposed to a large group, then entertaining at a headlining concert might be a good option for you to consider. Find out what/ who your employees like, do they have a favourite music artist, or preferred comedy legend?
No two shows are the same meaning that you are offering your hard working employees the opportunity to have a truly unique evening. There are some companies that offer concert VIP packages.

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Prestigious, exclusive and perfect for anyone that enjoys flowers, gardens or even design. The Chelsea Flower show delivers a whole new concept in corporate entertainment. There are packages that include canapes and champagne or you could go all out and impress your guests with a full, fine dining package.

Deciding on the time of day that you wish to entertain at the Chelsea flower show will determine how the amazing garden designs are perceived. Natural daylight and twinkling fairy lights will showcase different aspects of the designs.

You might choose to go to the highly exclusive gala evening, where guests can dress to impress and rub shoulders with famous faces. Alternatively you could choose to visit on any of the days and admire the outlandish landscapes, rare plants and ornately pruned bushes and trees.

Either way, if your staff are the horticultural type the Chelsea flower show in the grand setting of the grounds of The Royal Chelsea Hospital, in London. It would be a welcome change from a day at the greyhound track.

The Venice Simplon Orient-Express

Entertaining on board a train as iconic as the Venice Simplon Orient-Express is an alternative Corporate Hospitality idea with the real wow factor. If you have a team that have gone above and beyond it may be the right reward to show your appreciation.  This famous train comes to life, and combines five star service with Michelin standard dining, fit for royalty.
The train departs from major train stations throughout the UK, and there are a large variety of packages available.
You can use the train as a mode of transport, taking you and your guests on a scenic route to somewhere special, or you can simply enjoy a round trip with all the trimmings you might come to expect from a 1920’s/30’s rail service. With plenty to do on board, and entertainment included, the opportunity to impress your guests is delivered in abundance.

Hands on activities

Hands on activities include; team building days, such as cookery classes, wine tasting, golf trips, off road driving and many more. This type of entertainment will definitely fall under the category of ‘something a bit different’!

When you choose to entertain at activities like this, the key thing to remember is that you need to cater for the people that you invite. Consider your captive audience, are they predominantly male or female? What are their interests?

Choosing to book a hands on activity, is better if you are intending to treat your staff or boost morale. Memories will be made, and those that partake in the activity will most certainly leave on a high. It is a perfect choice for a team building day.

Dedicated lunches and dinners

Dedicated dinners and lunches are a cost effective and very productive way of entertaining your employees. Imagine your own table in a hospitality suite at a luxurious venue, where food, drink and entertainment is all included.

Your entertainment is usually delivered by a special guest, sometimes this is a famous sporting personality, showman or comedian. There can also be an auction and after party included in your package details.

Most dinners and lunches are organised in aid of a charity so not only are you able to mix business with pleasure, you are also able to do your bit by giving a little something back.

Dinners and Lunches take place up and down the country so there is sure to be one near you that you will be able to enjoy.

The most important part of planning an event to incentivise your employees is to get a feel for what they would enjoy, this will ensure that your investment in the event is a good one, leaving morale high and encouraging employees to work harder in 2017.

Lucy Abrahams is the operations director at VIP Event Butler.

Praseeda Nair

Praseeda Nair

Praseeda was Editor for GrowthBusiness.co.uk from 2016 to 2018.

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