4 valid reasons for businesses to shift to CMMS right now

If your company still uses a Microsoft spreadsheet to keep track of things, it might be time to move to a CMMS solution. Here's why.

Are you someone who is either in charge of an equipment maintenance team or a business owner at a small business organisation? Do you think that the task of ensuring that your business equipments including the vehicles, machinery and tools are all in working condition, time-consuming and sometimes an overwhelming job? If answered yes, you’re probably in need of CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) software solutions. We can’t deny the fact that lapse in maintenance can have a severe detrimental impact on the business like reduction of life span of equipments, expired agreement and heightened maintenance costs in the long run which can thereby affect the rates of productivity.

However, there are robust and easy-to-implement solutions for meeting such challenges with regards to maintenance management. If you don’t know why you should immediately shift to CMMS software, here’s what you should know.

1. Management procedures become automated

For so long, you may have maintained all your assets by using a spreadsheet but now that you’re about to shift to CMMS, you can now automate all your maintenance tasks, predict the requirements of inventory, extend the lifetime of your assets and keep a close watch on all the work orders effortlessly with very less assistance from the maintenance team. You can make it simpler and easier to control equipment maintenance and remain updated on maintenance schedules.

2. Workflow procedures will be improved

When you implement a CMMS cloud software, you can integrate the process of workflow and also handle them effortlessly. You can maintain the current record of each of your job. Once the software starts working, it will automatically begin all maintenance process and track the progress of tasks from the start to the end.

3. Real time reporting

CMMS solutions are blessed with the capability of getting access to the most updated and appropriate reports in real time, thereby letting the management to make better decisions. When the solution is centralised, it helps in managing reports which can be generated within minutes, thereby letting the team to handle resources and assets effectively. Not to mention, this can extend the life of all assets and also reduce the running costs of small businesses.

4. Big data features and business intelligence metrics

There has been too much hype about the pivotal role played by big data and the way in which business intelligence can accelerate the process of decision making. When the business owner remains aware of the operations of the company, he can manage it better. The organised data of CMMS system enhances credibility as it can offer detailed analysis on lifecycle costs, asset location and management information. Owners can better foresee possible issues and make apt decisions related to maintenance strategies, purchase and assets.

So, now that you know why you should make an immediate shift to CMMS solution, what are you waiting for? If your company still uses a Microsoft spreadsheet to keep track of things, be quick in initiating the shift. To know more on such technological solutions, you can stay updated by reading this digital marketing blog.

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